Bringing insight to your process.

Writing with clarity and purpose.

About Me

Have you ever felt like you were too close to your product, process, or business that you can’t see clearly? 

As a copywriter who excels at strategy, I can help you see the big picture from the perspective of your customer or client, your market, and business growth.

I start with an in-depth interview call followed by a mini-research session. Together we’ll walk through thought-provoking questions that bring insight into the why’s and how’s of your business. 

Then, all of your writing tasks move from your shoulders to mine, and I craft the content you need that meets your goals, speaks to your customers, and makes you sound pretty dang awesome.

You’ll find that not only will you know how to sell to your customers better, but you’ll also be able to refocus other areas of your business as well.

“Teegan is the perfect mix of strategy and execution. She is thorough in her approach, often asking thought-provoking questions that elevate our thinking and push us to a better solution. Not only does she deliver great work, her thinking and participation in our team makes our work better too” – Tino Chow, Founder, GiantShoulders


Content Strategy

I can help you map out the path from initial contact to conversion using smart, well-placed content that’s on brand and speaks the language of your audience.


You can expect consistent communication, adherence to deadlines, clear estimates and invoices, and courtesy and respect for what you do.

Attention to Detail

From grammar and punctuation to voice and tone, I make sure your copy is both correct and uses the right words for the right audience.


Before I begin writing, I make sure I have the whole picture — who you are, what your market is, what you’re trying to accomplish, etc. I’m not just word minded, but also business minded.


As someone coming to your business or project with a fresh pair of eyes, I can help bring clarity to your direction and renewed purpose.


"I hired Teegan to edit an academic paper for publishing. She was thorough, did an excellent job of keeping the text in context despite significant necessary changes, and the work was done ahead of schedule as well as under budget despite a short timeline. Her high level of attention to detail was obvious."

Dana Vaux | Interior and Product Design Assistant Professor

"Teegan came highly recommended and what a gem she is! I feel so lucky to have found such a great person - she is sooo easy to work with, gets her work done with lightning speed, is a great communicator, and comes up with fantastic ideas. What more could you ask for? I cannot tell you how thankful that Teegan choose to work with me."

Trish | Owner, Pink Parchment Soaps

"Teegan’s attention to detail and desire to find our organization’s voice has been excellent. I’ve appreciated how her process is collaborative -- she’s not afraid to challenge my thinking when she feels it’s in our best interest. She also thinks about how the unfamiliar reader will view the content and provides valuable feedback on why she’s chosen to use certain phrasing or wording. It’s been great to have a trusted source for content who we’re to call on as needed without the burden of full-time or part-time staff."

Dustin Hershberger | Brown Church Development