How much does a copywriter cost?

It’s not exactly an easy answer...

How much does a copywriter cost?

Oh, why do you ask such difficult questions? Finding out how much copywriters cost isn’t always easy — the world of freelance pricing isn’t quite the wild wild west, but it’s close. And there are so many factors — the type of work you’re looking for, the length of the project, your needed turnaround time, etc. 

But, in general, there are three ways that freelancers price projects.


1. By the hour.

For experienced copywriters who have training, great testimonials, and are highly professional to work with (copywriters who probably won’t be found on Upwork or Fiverr), you can expect to pay $50-$150+ per hour.  They’re the type of people you would hire to be part of your team and would want to stick around. Usually, they know their value and will deliver on it.

Many of us use time tracker apps like Harvest and keep detailed accounts of our hours worked. But the great thing about this method is that if it takes fewer hours, you pay for fewer those hours.   


2. By the project.

If by the hour feels too fast and loose for you, some copywriters will charge by the project. This pricing method usually has one single price and that’s what you pay no matter how long or short the project takes. Freelancers usually price out these projects by estimating how long it will take, apply their hourly rate to it, and give it to you as a fixed price. The nice thing about this way is that there’s no guesswork for you and no estimate. The price is the price.


3. Retainers and recurring contracts.

For companies who want a copywriter ready and available for a length of time, sometimes a retainer makes the most sense. It’s usually a set monthly fee that comes with hourly and project parameters. It’s perfect for companies who want to make their budgets easy — every month will be the same, expected price.

And then, for the really experienced ad copywriters, they’ll charge a percentage of sales made on an ad campaign they wrote. This isn’t as common but is something to be aware of as you look around for the best copywriter for your project.


So, how much does a copywriter cost?

The official answer is, it depends and will vary. Just make sure to be clear with your project and what your budget is, and then get an estimate upfront. But hopefully, now you have a benchmark and a clearer expectation of what your first estimate will be.